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Small Business Advertising

Search Engine Optimization

Looking to show up more on internet searches?  Atlas Advertising specializes in local search engine optimization, maximizing your online presence and leading more potential customers to your website.

Through strategic keyword optimization, informative blog posts, and directory saturation we can multiply your organic traffic and drive up sales.

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Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click advertising is one of the most powerful tools at our disposal.  Proper PPC management can scale your company up rapidly and predictably.  Atlas Advertising's transparent pricing allows you to better manage your marketing budget while we focus on maximizing your return.

Through specific audience targeting and daily account management we can scale up your sales with any budget you want to spend.

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Social Media Management

Every business knows that a social media presence is a requirement of the times.  Consumers check Facebook pages for updates, office hours, and good deals.  They share their favorite posts with their friends and family, and review their favorite services.

Through engaging posts and exciting updates we can expand your digital audience and keep their eyes open for your next big deal.

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About Atlas Advertising

Atlas Advertising is a long time coming!

Owner Thomas Carton is in love with startup businesses.  Out of college, Thomas joined a start up Ad Agency in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.  There he learned about pay per click advertising, spending over 8 million dollars for clients and bringing in over 17 million in revenue over a year and a half.  Although learning a lot, Thomas had the bug for being a business owner, he set off on his own and started a YouTube channel.  Over 3 years, he used his knowledge of Google keyword and SEO meta to grow the channel to over 115 thousand subscribers.  During this time he perfected his skill of finding niche keywords to rank for, ran several social media accounts, grew a dedicated online community to over 5 thousand active members, and coordinated with several other YouTubers. 

The bug struck again!  The love Thomas had of helping companies grow 3 years ago in Wilkes-Barre, PA has not lessened, and with YouTube conquered, he has set his sights on providing value to local businesses near his new home in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma with quality small business advertising services.

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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Atlas Advertising serves Oklahoma City and the surrounding area.  Whether you are just launching your first business, or are a well established serial entrepreneur, we can take over that boring marketing work, and put you on the map!

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How We Do Business

Marketing For Those Who Grow:

Everything about Atlas Advertising is designed to streamline the advertising process for start-ups and small companies.  We have an arrangement of easy to understand reporting so you know where you stand.  We offer tailored marketing service packages that can be built to fit your needs.  We're here for those who are ready to grow!

If you want to see what kind of packages are available to assist your company with online advertising, click the button below.

Our Packages

We may be the marketing experts, but it's your business.

Saving Us Both Time

Our extensive reporting spreadsheets and software makes getting the information you need to make decisions wastes no time.  Tell us what your goals are, what your budget is, and we will get to work.

Pay Per Package

We don't like hourly rates here at Atlas Advertising.  Your business needs tasks accomplished, and you need to know how much getting them done is going to cost.  We offer unique package deals, and set the goals out ahead of time so you know exactly what you are paying for.  Ask us about our 6-month Marketing Plan!