• We know small business pay per click!

    Small business pay per click is unique when managed properly.  Specificity and market knowledge are the keys to success when managing pay per click campaigns for small businesses.  Atlas Advertising knows how to meet your goals.
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How our Pay Per Click Management is Different

At Atlas Advertising we believe in transparency and rewarding hard work.  This is why we've developed a billing format that delivers what you want while encouraging our best work.  Here's how it works:  You pick your budget (we can help you understand what your budget means), we charge a fee of $200 or 20%, whichever is higher, we set the goals together, we achieve your desired results and if we run over-budget it comes out of our fee rather than your pocket.  Every month your bill is the same, and every month we try to increase your return so you will up your budget (and therefor our fee) the next month.

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Our billing is designed for business owners, not marketers.  There are three things you need to know when making a decision pay per click management:  how many, what quality, how much.  You tell us how many clicks, leads, or sales you need.  We promise you a quality our company would be proud to deliver.  And you tell us how much you are willing to pay for them.  Then it's our job to figure out if we can beat your goal at your budget at the quality we demand, if we do...we get to keep what is left over.

Pay Per Click

Your Goal

Your Budget

Our Quality Control

Long-term Relationship Driven

Influencer Campaign

Influencer research & selection

Creation of Assets to be used

Coordination with influencer

Measure and monitor results

Event Advertising

Set up of all Facebook marketing ads and assets for event

Monitor and optimize event campaign

Monitor event results and moderate comments

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A la carte Pay Per Click Services

Facebook Lead Gen Setup

Not interested in having someone monitor and optimize your ads but know you need them?  We can set up 2 Facebook lead generation campaigns for you designed to hit your budget goals, but then it's up to you from there.

Google Ads Setup

Google Ads is one of the most desirable ad platforms, it's simply a must have.  If you need a google ads account set up we will do so and include highly specific lead generation campaigns, then it's up to you.

LinkedIn Ads Setup

LinkedIn is the chosen ad platform for many businesses with a B2B focus.  For a one time fee we will set up 2 campaigns in LinkedIn designed to maximize your value at your established budget.

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Serving Oklahoma & Beyond

Atlas Advertising serves small businesses in all areas, but our home and focus is Oklahoma City and the surrounding towns.  Located in Edmond, Oklahoma, Atlas Advertising knows small businesses with big personalities!

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