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    Atlas Advertising is dedicated to providing real value to our clients without the standard marketing firm gimmicks and up-sells.

Advertising Solutions That Scale

Advertising that scale from local to national

Our advertising efforts are focused around solutions that scale from the smallest of businesses to businesses of a national scale.  

To help us keep costs low for small and growing companies while providing full value, we follow the rule of "Lowest Hanging Fruit" by focusing our efforts first on the processes that provide the most immediate and substantial gain.

What Are Our Values?

Atlas believes in 3 main tenements:

  1. Everything we do should add value to the client
  2. All marketing solutions should be scalable and flexible
  3. We provide consistent and powerful reporting for our clients each month

Atlas believes in adding value to our clients through comprehensive scalable advertising solutions.  We believe in testing new tactics and increasing client profitability through making data driven decisions to add additional layers of data and optimization.  Atlas Advertising believes in proper and powerful reporting to keep our clients well informed on the progress of their campaigns.
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Over $8,000,000 in total Ad spend.

Over 51.9 Million Views on YouTube

Over $18,000,000 in Revenue tracked

Thomas Carton - CMO

Thomas got his start in paid advertising in Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania, working for a start-up ad agency.  In just over a year and a half he spent over $8 million for ads on behalf of clients, bringing in over $18 million in revenue generated.  Soon after he launched his own YouTube business, accumulating over 51.9 million views over 5 years.  From this venture he learned how to become an expert at niche keyword ranking.  Atlas is Thomas' first full scale marketing firm!  If value-added service is what you need from a no-nonsense advertising expert, contact us.

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