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    Atlas Advertising is dedicated to providing real value to our clients without the standard marketing firm gimmicks and up-sales.

Advertising Services in the OKC Area

Atlas Focuses on Local Businesses

Not enough attention is given to local domain authority.  Many marketing firms want to oversell small businesses on grand year-long SEO plans.  Here at Atlas we want to create value, that's our goal.  That's why we focus on local businesses, and on getting them in front of their real market.

What Are Our Values?

Atlas’ chief value is VALUE.  We are a value-added company.  If what we are doing does not add value to your business or to our relationship, it does not get done.  Atlas values transparency.  We don’t hide charges or smudge numbers to make ourselves look better.  The numbers you see are the numbers you get, no fluff added.  Atlas values communication.  You have goals to meet, we are charged with meeting those goals, to accomplish this parties must communicate consistently and quickly.  We promise you that on our side.

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Over $7,000,000 in total Ad spend.

Over 42.9 Million Views on YouTube

Over $18,000,000 in Revenue generated

Thomas Carton - Owner

Thomas got his start in paid advertising in Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania, working for a start-up ad agency.  In just over a year and a half he spent over $7 million for ads on behalf of clients, bringing in over $18 million in revenue generated.  Soon after he launched his own YouTube business, accumulating over 42.9 million views over 3 years.  From this venture he learned how to become an expert at niche keyword ranking.  Atlas is Thomas' first full scale marketing firm!  If value-added service is what you need from a no-nonsense advertising expert, contact us.

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