How to Advertise During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Thomas Carton
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How to Advertise During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Keep Up on Google My Business

              Google My Business is the kingpin of local business advertising.  A well optimized GMB account is critical in showing up in local google search results, and this is even more important during this outbreak.  Why?  Folks are shopping locally during this Coronavirus outbreak.  They’re telecommuting to work, they are homeschooling their kids, or they are nervous about going out or large crowds.  When those at home are looking for a quick solution to their daily problems, a place to eat, a grocery store that isn’t out of everything, someplace to pick up art supplies for their kids, they are searching around their neighborhood.  This is the time to be posting daily on Google My Business, updating potential customers on what you have in stock, what you are doing to keep them safe, and any deals you are running.  Now is not the time to miss out on showing up in local searches.

A properly optimized Google My Business account can really boost your local results and help you get in front of your potential customers.  This is especially critical in times like these.

Use Social Media to Update

              Social Media is your best tool right now to keep your core fans up to date on the status of the business.  Have your hours changed?  Did you just restock your shelves?  Are you offering virtual alternatives to client meetings?  Social media is not as powerful as it was before, and it’s best when coupled with a solid Email campaign, but it still pulls weight!  When people are unsure of what state your company is in today, they are likely to check out your Facebook page or drop you a quick Tweet. Use your social media platforms to keep your fans in the loop of what offers you have during this time.  Tell them what you are doing to keep the doors open, tell them if you need their help.

Keep your fans up to date on how you plan to counter the outbreak.  In this example, Smoked Out BBQ reminds their customers that they offer curbside services.  You don't even have to leave your car!

Create Situation Specific Paid Ads

              Now is actually not the time to pull back on paid advertising.  Maybe you want to be a little more careful with your ad dollars this month but shutting the system down is not the answer to this Coronavirus outbreak.  If your ROI (return on investment) remains positive, keep that traffic coming (perhaps it is needed now more than ever).  Focus on creating some situation specific ads that would appeal to customers in a more delicate time.  Consider what it is that your business is doing to make life easier during the outbreak and include that aspect in your paid marketing campaigns.  Are you offering reduced first month pricing while the outbreak is ongoing?  Say it in your copy.  Are you providing additional online services for your current clients at no extra cost?  Say it in your copy.  Create ads that are specific to your ability to ease the daily life of your potential customers. 

Ensure your paid ads are situation specific.  Promote what makes you most capable of dealing with business during this outbreak.  Do you offer free delivery?  Are you helping your clients online?

Practice Positive Marketing

              It should go without saying, but perhaps it doesn’t.  These are tough times.  People have been laid off, their kids are stuck home (they may not be so bummed about it though), and money is tight.  The last thing people want shoved in front of them is a doomsday announcement from you.  Keep your head up and let your social media posts, your email campaigns, and your paid ads reflect an optimism for the future.  Besides, who would spend money at your business if all you are saying is how long and tough these next two months will be?  The dark and doom ads can make some sales, but when things are actually dark and doom-ish, they tend to just sting.  Keep your social media management skills activated throughout the day as you interact with your customers and keep positive.  Talk about how your company will overcome these challenges, and how you can’t want to keep serving your client’s needs for many years to come.

It's important to keep things positive in these times.  In this Guinness ad posted just before St. Patrick's day, they bring the focus on to safety and humanity.  They use this moment to mention a commitment of $500,000 to charity (now you may not have $500,000 to give to charity, but the positivity is what works for them).

Highlight Your Deals

              Money might be getting a bit tight for customers out there, so if you have a deal running make sure people know of it.  Offering $25 off for new client signups?  Highlight it every chance you get.  Change up your website if you can, putting your best and most situation specific deals at the top.  Allowing for layaway? Make sure every visitor to your site sees it and tell every social media platform you are on just how valuable your deal is to them.  Cash flow will be important for keeping businesses up and running during this outbreak, so keep the money coming in.  Highlight your deals and keep customers up do date on what additional value might be coming down the line.

This Domino's Facebook post is a double whammy.  Not only are they advertising contactless delivery, a likely popular option for those worried about getting the Coronavirus, they also plug their ongoing 50% off deal.  This is a good example of highlighting the deals.

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